Introduction to Dowsing

with Heather Darwin
Price: £55
Venue: Bridgerule EX22
Provided: Tea/coffee/biscuits
What you need to bring: Bring indoor shoes/slippers as the first part of the day will be in a carpeted room. Clean outdoor footwear/clothing. A Packed Lunch.

This course aims to get you dowsing from the start, and provides a practical opportunity to try different dowsing tools such as rods and pendulums. You will be taught to dowse both tangible (e.g. water pipes, drains, water leaks) as well as intangible targets (e.g. personal hydration, detrimental and positive earth energy lines), both of which affect your health, your animals health and the health of the land.

You will gain:

❖ Some history of dowsing together with its uses over the years as well as current applications

❖ An understanding of dowsing ethics

❖ Some methods to keep yourself protected

❖ An insight into how to focus your mind, get in the “dowsing zone”, set intent, and how to ask for permissions

❖ Your own “Yes”/”No” code, to undertake information dowsing

❖ Some skills in using L rods and a pendulum

You will have the opportunity to dowse for the following:

❖ flowing water, water pipes, drains, electricity

❖ earth energy lines, their polarity, and geopathic stress

❖ personal hydration, the human aura,

❖ Trees

Cost: £55pp

Deposit: £25 to secure your place non-Refundable if cancelled within 2days of the workshop date.

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