DASH - Devon Association of Smallholders

DASH was established in 1986 to serve the needs and interests of smallholders and those planning to undertake any kind of country living.

It promotes and furthers the interests of smallholders particularly in Devon and the South West and co-operates with other like-minded organisations, offering members a forum for discussing problems or matters of mutual interest.

DASH members are in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset. Have a look at this map to see where.

DASH has 444 subscriptions of which 343 are doubles making a total of 787 members. 241 DASH members have a holding number. DASH members farm 8238 acres, 4% of which is registered organic. Many members adhere to organic principles although they are not registed organic. 50% of members have less than 5 hectares of land. 38% of members have 5 or more hectares of land. Other members have not declared how much land they have.

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Current or lapsed members
New members

DASH runs low cost practical training courses to provide members with the knowledge and skills needed for running a successful smallholding.

Objectives and Organisation of the Association

The Association encourages members to carry out their smallholding activities in an environmentally friendly way and to breed and grow their animals in an humane and caring way.

Many members partake in one of a number of environmental schemes and sell high quality products. Animal welfare is top priority.

Members normally meet at events, on training days or at events such as the Summer agricultural shows. Look at the Events page to see what events are planned, or go to the Contact Us page to contact anyone on the committee.

Members sell their products through a wide variety of outlets including Private Sales, Retail Boxes, Farm Gate Sales, Local Shops, Farmer's Markets and at Agricultural Shows. DASH membership provides an effective antidote to the problems of country living - rural isolation, a lack of information, advice and support.