We are now hosting events outdoors through the summer. If you want to host a farm walk let Vanessa know

In September we will start a programme of talks that will be held in local pubs. We are hoping that members will also be able to join these by zoom

Thursday 5th August - Friday 6th August - Honiton Show (NOT a DASH event)

Look out for the DASH stand at Honiton Show.

Saturday 7th August 3pm - Hartland farm walk Save the date, more details to follow.

Thursday 12th August - Okehampton Show (NOT a DASH event)

Look out for the DASH stand at Okehampton Show.

Tuesday 24th August All day - Seed collection and spreading - green hay at National Trust Brownsham, Hartland, North Devon (NOT a DASH event) Green haying is the collection of hay that's full of fresh seeds from a species rich grassland, which is then spread onto a receptor grassland in order to increase its plant diversity. With kind permission from the National Trust, we are collecting seed from their beautiful culm grassland at Brownsham, Hartland, this year on 24th August, to share with local landowners. This is to help create more wildflower areas and boost their floral diversity.

If you would like to receive some green hay, and/or would like to be involved in the harvesting, please get in touch by emailing Anyone can help with the seed harvesting. Recipients of the green hay need to be ideally within an hour or so of Brownsham as the seed loses viability quickly, and have fairly wet ground since the seeds are from wet-loving plants such as Greater birds foot trefoil and Water mint. The receptor sites need to be prepared in advance ready to receive the hay, so if anyone interested would like to get in touch with Cathy as soon as possible, so she can help advise on what to do.