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Devon Association of Smallholders

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Please remember we are smallholders too! Try calling in the evenings (6pm - 8pm), and do leave a message if you get the answerphone, or send an email or text. We will do our best to call you back.

Chair and Website Manager Mark Hajdukiewicz
Phone: 07926 969 346
Email: chair@devonsmallholders.co.uk

Vice Chair and Advertising Manager Steve Shepherd
Phone: 07801 501 777
Email: advertising@devonsmallholders.co.uk

Treasurer Email: treasurer@devonsmallholders.co.uk

Secretary and Events Manager Emma Hillier
Phone: 01884 277 688
Email: secretary@devonsmallholders.co.uk

Shows and Communications Manager Laine Shepherd
Phone: 07595 296 613
Email: communications@devonsmallholders.co.uk

Membership Secretary Kate Ripley
Phone: 01837 811 527
Email: membership@devonsmallholders.co.uk

Training Manager Carolyn McAllister
Phone: 07737 055 618
Email: training@devonsmallholders.co.uk