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Devon Association of Smallholders

Courses - Past and Present

This is a list of courses that are being run, or have been run by DASH. Please let us know if you want to go on a course that is not scheduled at the moment, we may be able to run additional courses if there is sufficient demand. Please note, however, that tutors may not be available to run some of these courses.

Training Officer: Carolyn McAllister
The Retreat, Highampton, BEAWORTHY, EX21 5JJ
email: training@devonsmallholders.co.uk
Phone: 07737 055 618

2. Bee keeping Details Review
5. Introduction to Pig Keeping Details Review
100. Advanced Pig keeping Details
101. Social Media for Smallholders Details
102. English Pieced patchwork Details
103. Introduction to Bread Making Details
104. How to build your own pole barn (field shelter) from scratch Details
106. Butchery, Bacon & Bangers Details
107. Poultry Dispatch & Dressing Details
109. Living with Livestock - an introduction to sheep, pigs and cattle Details
11. Chainsaw Competence Details Review
110. Cheese Making Details
111. Spinning Details
112. Small scale apple pressing: making juice and cider Details
113. Butchery Details
114. Towing Training Details
115. Willow Weaving Details
117. Introduction to Permaculture Details
118. Designing Your Life Details
119. Edible Garden Design Details
120. Advanced Sheep Keeping Weekend Details
121. A Year of Feast and (preparing for) Famine Details
122. A smallholder life for me: Becoming a smallholder Details
124. Introduction to Setting up and Running Holiday Accommodation Details Review
125. Hedgelaying Workshop Details
126. Introduction to Working Horses Details
127. Horse Logging Details
128. Ploughing with Horses Details
130. Introduction to Green Woodworking Details
131. Simply Stools Details
132. Make your own Shaving Horse Details
133. Basic Cheese Making Details
134. Smallholding 'Taster' Course Details
20. Poultry Keeping for Beginners Details Review
23. Vegetable Growing Details
25. An Introduction to Herbal Medicine Details
26. Vegetable and Fruit Growing Progress Details Review
27A. Herb growing and usage Details
27B. Herb growing and usage part 2 Details
28. Herbal Medicine and Relaxation at Home Details
28A. Herbal Medicine at Home Details
28B. Relaxing with Herbs Details
33. Living willow sculpture Details
35. Fruit growing Details
38. Sausage Making at Home Details
44. Starting and Running your own Smallholding Details Review
45. Fencing and Gate Hanging Details
47. Tractor & Machinery Maintenance Details
47B. Tractor Maintenance Details
52. Bee Handling Details Review
53. Wildlife Pond Creation and Management Details
63. Building and Maintaining your own Website Details Review
64. An Introduction to Keeping Sheep Details Review
65. Further Dairy Goat Keeping Details
69. Junior Goatkeeping Details Review
70. Guide to Horse & Pony Management Details Review
71. An introduction to beer brewing at home Details
72. Manage your accounts in Excel Details
73. Incubation Details
74. Land Management Details Review
75. Otters Details
76. Hedgelaying for Beginners Details
77. A Guide to Choosing your Perfect Horse or Pony Details Review
78. Charcoal Production Details
79. Rodent Control Details
81. Equine First Aid and Common Ailments Details
85. Goat Husbandry Details
86. Natural animal health Details
89. Use of the Shearing Machine Details
90. Introduction to bookkeeping for the smallholder Details
91. Exploring Horses Details
92. Introduction to keeping cattle Details
93. Permaculture Taster for Smallholders (Sustainability by Design) Details
94. The Resilient Smallholding (Planning for Severe Weather and Other Setbacks) Details
96. Lambing for beginners Details
97. Incubation, Hatching & Rearing Poultry Details