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Devon Association of Smallholders

Junior Goatkeeping

Today I went to the DASH Junior Goat Keeping course, it was GREAT fun, my sister Frankie and me loved it loads, it really inspired us to have goats.

At the course there were four children other than me; Alex, Thomas, Amelia and my sister Frankie. At Peter's farm, Penborn Goat Farm, he has Golden Gurnseys, Pygmy goats and British Goldens. I liked the Pygmy goats the most. First of all we visited the goats, one goat came charging through and jumped up at me, she was my favourite, her name was Dakota. She was born in their kitchen, is very tame and all of us wanted her!

Peter told us parts of the goat body, then our first challenge was to unjumble the goat body parts and then tag them onto the goat. Then we had a talk about goat breed's special features, we had to fill out a table and write down what a few types of goat's special features were.

We stopped for a lunch break, the adults talked about goats and plants and their farms and generally stuff adults talk about.

Then we went to see the goats again and we clipped their hooves and we milked a goat called Talullah. We went and discussed the five goat needs. After that we coloured in a picture with goat breeds on and had to try to get the right colour coat for each goat (THAT RYHMES!!!) Then we did a word search and there were 40 WORDS! It was hard but we all completed it, then we took it in turns to read a story about a goat called Snowball, that had been passed through goat generations and Peter said that the goats told it to him. We played with the goats for a while and then said good bye to them.

We all got a nice certificate and went home, I hope it carries on and I want to go next year.

By Mia Fulford 8 very almost 9, Crediton